last updated: 25 January 2007
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Bartender at Krem (Chicago club)

Class photo

Johnny Cash

George Bush's kid

George Bush's kid

Clubbers (at Level in Chicago)

Clubbers (at Level in Chicago)



Mel C

Britney Spears loves you

Rotterdam is better

Judith Arndt

Amber Valette (model)

Robbie Williams

Katie Couric

Saucy biker

Another old guy

Some old lady

DJ Carbide

Sinead O'Connor

Winter Sucks

Dom DeLouise

America loves you

Some baby

Big Fuck You.

Bob (a.k.a. Kid Rock)

Frank Zappa

Fuck you, Cracka!

Bill Hicks


Courtesy of some disgrunteld BP employee

Hello Mr. Boss Man

Some Anime

Winston Churchill

Some old guy

Some old coin

A fake crop circle (Photoshopped)

Erik Sprague (The Lizardman)

Erik Sprague (The Lizardman) double finger

Random fat white trash

Garden Gnome

Several Grandmas and a Harley

Old lady

Insane Clown Posse Guy taking a shit

Michael's hot sister


Katzen (TheEnigma's wife)

Some kid

Kids Against Assholes (Nazi's Fuck Off)

Koalas, while cute, have bad mouths.

New School Lady of the Lake

John Lawrence, Harvard University bug nerd

Mr. Rogers

Orangutan double finger

Big JP (Pope John Paul II)

Richard Ashcroft

Trent Reznor and some random person

I don't know who this is

Some mom

Statue of Liberty (Photoshopped)

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Jim Carrey (as The Mask)

Stretched Tongue Piercing Person

Pam's ex

Liv's dad

Tupac Shakur double finger

Ultra Magnus giving Megatron the finger

Some kids on a bus