Genesis / History:

Version 1 (100) - sometime before 1982
Created at MIT's Baker House. Two parallel versions; one for male, and one for female. Very little is known about this version.

Version 2 (247) - spring 1983
Expanded to 247 questions. This marked the beginning of the unisex version. The story goes that they intended it to be 250 questions, but became tired that night and said "We'll think of three more tomorrow," and tomorrow never got there.

Version 3.5 (400) - 10 April 1985
First formal release. All former versions were short-lived and tended to be bug-ridden. Does not discriminate against gays or bi's. Added in Genesis/History section, instructions, scoring, and warranty.

Version 3.5a (400) - 13 April 1985
Found there were 431 questions instead of 400. After an all-night hack session, problem was fixed.

Version 3.5c (400) - 17 January 1988
Finished up at Yale. Final version of the 400 point test EVER!
Feel special if you own a copy.

Version 4.0 (500) - 23 April 1988
Those snotty Yale kids thought that 400 wasn't enough for them.
Added 100 questions "just ta show 'em."

Version 5.0 (1000) - sometime in the late 80's
It was decided that 500 questions wasn't enough. Created to be the Purity Test to end all Purity Tests. However, it lost a lot of the "fun" of the earlier versions and got boring to take.

Version 5.0a (1000) - 4 January 1992 A copy of the 1000 point version got into my hands. Big mistake. Typos were gotten rid of and the introduction was made clearer.

Version 6.0-6.6b (1500) - 19 April 1992 - 17 August 1992
1500 questions. Bestiality, Group Sex, RHPS, Kitchen Utensil, and Cult sections added. Extra credit eliminated. Sections put in more logical order. Genesis/History sections and introduction from 500 point version reinstated. Answer sheet made.

Version 6.6c (1500) - 25 March 1993
I finally went to college and got an Internet address, and was shocked to find that the test had actually been distributed. So, I decided to edit out any more errors that I found and change the introduction. However, I didn't change all the grammatical pronoun errors (using he/she instead of they, his/hers instead of theirs, etc.), because it would have been a pain in the ass. You know what it means; deal with it. Finished up at Miami University in Peabody Hall (Western Campus! Yay!).

Version 7.0a (2000) - 23 and 25 November 1995 (compiled 10 December 1995)
We got sick of the same old complaints and questions, so we (joe and jeff) decided to take it upon ourselves to re-write the thing. We deleted many of the questions, added even more (and a new section), and re-arranged a little, along with re-doing a few of the intro stuff and definitions. It took two all-nighters to do (not including typing it out), but wasn't all that bad. Fixed some grammatics and the few mechanical errors. Written on Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0c, under the Norton Desktop with Windows 3.11.
Not released (had some fine tuning to get finished).

Version 7.0b (2000) - 11 December 1995
Almost final copy of the Purity Test 2000. A few questions (about 100) had to be added, as we were short. No big deal. A few errors corrected. Limited Distribution. Feel warm and squishy if you got a copy.

Version 7.0c (2000) - 12 December 1995
The Final Draft of the Purity Test 2000. No major corrections. Decided to ditch the answer sheet for three reasons: 1) I (jeff) didn't want to make a new 2000 question format; 2) it's a big waste of space, and thus bandwidth; 3) did anybody ever use that thing before, anyway? (at a Purity Test Party, you'd need around ten copies! yeah, right!). Some re-formatting had to be done to get the thing ready for text format. (incidentally, you can feel free to write to one of us and ask for a nice, neat Word formatted copy. they're much nicer)
Full Public Release (in other words, if you had a copy of the 2000 point before i wrote the web interface, 7.0c is the version you have).

Version 7.0d (2000) - 5 January 1996
The HTML (PHP/FI enhanced) interface to the Purity Test (written by boinger). A few little re-wordings and corrections, and also our email addresses changed, but it's pretty much the same thing...
23 May 1997 Update - moved to a new server, actually got the damn form to work, and record scores in an mySQL db!

3 July 2003 Update - re-coded by boinger for later version of PHP (v.4.2.x) + a few extremely minor format changes.

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