IV. I Fought the Law and *I* Won

(Legal technicalities - 93 Questions)

Have you:

  1. deliberately bounced a check?
  2. shoplifted?
  3. 'borrowed' something of value with no intention of returning it ('borrowing' Kleenex, condoms, tampons, etc. doesn't count)?
  4. written graffiti?
  5. committed murder?
  6. attempted to commit suicide?
  7. succeeded?
  8. had a fake id?
  9. manufactured a fake id?
  10. sped (automotive, not pharmaceutical)?
  11. drag raced (no, not queens running a marathon)?
  12. driven?
  13. driven without a license?
  14. driven while suspended?
  15. bought anything on a black market?
  16. sold anything on a black market?
  17. stolen anything?
  18. stolen a kiss?
  19. used bootleg software?
  20. "cracked" software protection?
  21. distributed cracked software?
  22. plotted felony?
  23. operated a vehicle or piece of heavy machinery while intoxicated?
  24. plotted treason (betrayal of state secrets)?
  25. lead someone to believe they were the father when they weren't?
  26. lead someone to believe they weren't the father when they were?
  27. lead someone to believe they were the mother and they weren't?
  28. been liable for arrest on a morals charge (pandering, pimping, prostitution, impersonating a human being)?
  29. been a pool or card shark?
  30. plotted a coup (civic class doesn't count)?
  31. built a coop?
  32. committed sedition (plotting to overthrow the government)?
  33. committed sedation (bored an audience to sleep)?
  34. committed seduction (tactful coercion into sexual activity)?
  35. committed treason?
  36. been arrested?
  37. gone to jail (visiting doesn't count)?
  38. gone to prison(visiting doesn't count)?
  39. gone to prison for more than 20 years?
  40. escaped prison?
  41. been thought politically unreliable?
  42. been thought politically reliable?
  43. been thought politically correct?
  44. been thought politically incorrect?
  45. looted, raped, pillaged, sacked and burned (The Barbaric Pentathlon)?
  46. done any of the above individually?
  47. sent a chain letter?
  48. started a chain letter?
  49. Were you beaten for it (if not, you should have been)?
  50. made unregistered explosive devices (bombs)?
  51. accidentally blown up something important (like, say, fingers)?
  52. made or acquired 'elint' (electronic intelligence) equipment (bugs)?
  53. installed or used 'elint' equipment (wiretaps, tape recorders, etc.)?
  54. made or acquired b-lint (bellybutton lint)?
  55. stayed for a second feature having paid only for the first?
  56. removed the tag that says "do not remove under penalty of law"?
  57. rode public transportation w/o paying?
  58. raised tuition/rent by streetwalking?
  59. pistol whipped someone?
  60. been a bigamist (that's very bigamy to admit it)?
  61. carried concealed weapons?
  62. waved your weapons around in public?
  63. evaded taxes?
  64. evaded custom duties by not declaring something subject to a duty or tax?
  65. been cited in divorce proceedings as the other woman/man?
  66. been cited in divorce proceedings as the other woman/man and wished you actually were?
  67. failed to pay child support?
  68. failed to pay child support on purpose?
  69. had someone buy alcohol for you while you were still a minor?
  70. bought your own alcohol while still a minor?
  71. traveled out of the country with the sole purpose of purchasing alcohol (lower age restrictions, stronger stuff)?
  72. been drunk while still a minor?
  73. bought alcohol for minors?
  74. had sexual activity while under the age of consent (masturbation doesn't count)?
  75. had sexual activity while under the age of consent with someone over the age of consent?
  76. had sexual activity since reaching the age of consent with someone under the age of consent?
  77. plagiarized?
  78. been to a "public bath"?
  79. patronized a prostitute?
  80. been to a "massage parlor"?
  81. been to a brothel as a customer?
  82. been to a brothel as an employee?
  83. owned a brothel?
  84. contracted a 'social' disease (not just the common cold)?
  85. contracted mononucleosis ("mono")?
  86. contracted conjunctivitis ("pink eye")?
  87. been treated for exposure to a STD (sexually transmitted disease) because someone you'd been with had been?
  88. had a curable STD?
  89. cured it?
  90. had an incurable STD?
  91. had sex with someone knowing you had been exposed to a STD?
  92. had sex with someone knowing they had been exposed to a STD?
  93. gotten a 'frequent flier' bonus at the free clinic?

    [you must start at the beginning to be scored]

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