V. Mekka Lekka Hi, Mekka Hiney Ho

(Cults, the Occult, Ghosts, Aliens, and Weirdness - 48 Questions)

Have you:

  1. spotted Elvis at a 7-11 (or wherever)?
  2. spotted any dead celebrities anywhere in public?
  3. been a member of the Order, Aryan Nation, or the like?
  4. joined a nunnery or a monastery because you were sick of sex?
  5. joined a nunnery or a monastery because you couldn't get any?
  6. been a member of a religious group outside a world-accepted religion (Satan worship, Vegisexual, etc.)?
  7. been a member of a cult?
  8. started a cult?
  9. started what is now a world-accepted religion?
  10. been a high-ranking member in any non-accepted group (and, even though Wicca is an accepted religion, we'll take that, too)?
  11. played a record backwards to hear the message?
  12. actually heard the message?
  13. been inspired to kill loved ones?
  14. done so?
  15. participated in a satanic ritual?
  16. sold your soul to the devil?
  17. mortgaged or leased your soul to the devil?
  18. sold any other items (stereo equipment, a sleeper sofa, whatever) to the devil (or his representatives)?
  19. drunk blood?
  20. drunk human blood?
  21. drunk your own blood?
  22. sacrificed an animal in a religious ritual?
  23. sacrificed a human in a religious ritual?
  24. sacrificed a human for fun?
  25. used a Ouija board?
  26. been frightened during or after Ouija board usage?
  27. followed your horoscope?
  28. had your Zodiac chart done?
  29. had your Tarot cards read?
  30. read someone else's Tarot cards?
  31. participated in a seance?
  32. communicated with another plane (no, not like a big flying metal thing)?
  33. had visual contact with someone/thing from another plane?
  34. been to another plane?
  35. had an out of body experience?
  36. practiced witchcraft?
  37. practiced "black" magic?
  38. cast a spell for amusement?
  39. cast a spell for revenge?
  40. cast a spell for somebody else?
  41. cast a spell out of boredom?
  42. had a spell backfire with disastrous effects?
  43. seen a UFO?
  44. communicated with beings from another world (aliens)?
  45. been on a UFO?
  46. flown (as in, you were the driver) a UFO?
  47. Are you an alien?
  48. ever been (or are you now) a member of the Circle of the Blue Flame?

    [you must start at the beginning to be scored]

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