VI. Hey, Nice Shoes. Wanna Fuck?

(Pick-Ups and Getting Together - 55 Questions)

Have you:

  1. been flirted with?
  2. been hit upon?
  3. Did it work?
  4. flirted?
  5. hit on someone?
  6. Did it work?
  7. picked up sailors (soldiers, marines, etc.)?
  8. used a cheesy pick-up line?
  9. Did it work?
  10. been the victim of a cheesy pick-up line?
  11. Did it work?
  12. gone someplace with the sole purpose of try out your cheesy pick-up lines?
  13. been on a blind date?
  14. set up a blind date?
  15. been set up by a friend?
  16. been set up by your mother or father?
  17. been set up by another relative?
  18. been set up by the local pimp or Madame?
  19. picked up someone over the Internet?
  20. been picked up over the Internet?
  21. stalked someone?
  22. been stalked?
  23. been to a mixer?
  24. met (as in met someone new, etc.) someone at a mixer?
  25. cut in?
  26. had a one night stand?
  27. used tickling as a pickup or getting to know you better activity?
  28. used physical strength, power, prowess (or lack thereof), as a pickup or getting to know you better routine?
  29. lusted in your heart for someone without their knowledge?
  30. lusted after someone with their full knowledge?
  31. dropped hints to somebody you lusted after in the hopes he/she would pick up on it?
  32. sent anonymous love letters to someone?
  33. sent anonymous love letters to yourself?
  34. been on a date?
  35. been on a date past curfew?
  36. been on a date past sunrise?
  37. stood someone up?
  38. been stood up?
  39. canceled a date because you were scared of their parents?
  40. mulched (not just friends, but not really "dating," either. Friends that mess around.)?
  41. mulched with several people at a time (this is not against "the rules")?
  42. dated someone on a regular basis?
  43. gone steady?
  44. broken up with someone (dumped them)?
  45. dumped someone for no reason?
  46. been dumped?
  47. been dumped for no discernible reason?
  48. gotten married?
  49. to more than one person at a time?
  50. forced someone else to marry (shotgun wedding)?
  51. been separated?
  52. gotten a divorce?
  53. filed for divorce after less than a month?
  54. been a "serial monogamist" (had a succession of monogamous, long-term relationships)?
  55. considered killing a spouse for insurance money?

    [you must start at the beginning to be scored]

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