X - The Nitty and the Gritty

(Things To Do and People To Do Them With - 64 Questions)

Have you:

  1. been circumcised (for females a clitoridectomy)?
  2. engaged in heterosexual activity (that is, with a member of the opposite sex)?
  3. engaged in homosexual activity (that is, with a member of your sex [who better to know what feels good?])?
  4. engaged in bisexual activity (defined here as sexual activity with both genders on a relatively even ratio for the period of time in question)?
  5. engaged in incestual activity (that is, with a member of your family ['incest is best - put your sister to the test'])?
  6. engaged in homosexual incest (with a member of your family and gender)?
  7. engaged in zoophilia [bestiality] (sex with non-humans, not the merely sub human)?
  8. engaged in xeno eroticism (sexual activity with alien life forms [NOT the kind without green cards])?
  9. engaged in pedophilia (sexual activity with prepubescent children)?
  10. engaged in bondage ('voluntarily', you had some control on initiation.)?
  11. engaged in pyrophilia (using fire for sexual pleasure)?
  12. been a fetishist (dependence on a particular inanimate object for sexual pleasure)?
  13. engaged in partialism (sexual attraction to body parts [a foot "fetish" is a mislabeled partialism])?
  14. engaged in telephone scatalogia (a paraphilia characterized by a recurrent, intense urge or fantasy to make obscene telephone calls)?
  15. engaged in sodomy (defined as either: 1) copulation with a member of the same sex or with animals or 2) non-coital intercourse, esp. anal or oral copulation)?
  16. engaged in asphyxiophilia (semi-strangulation to achieve heightened sexual arousal)?
  17. practiced urophilia (using urine for sexual excitement)?
  18. practiced coprophilia (using feces for sexual excitement)?
  19. practiced frotteurism (masturbation by rubbing against another person without their permission)?
  20. practiced mysophilia (a dependency on something soiled or filthy, such as dirty underwear or used menstrual pads (like the female gym teacher in Porky's))?
  21. practiced klismaphilia (a dependency on being given an enema)?
  22. practiced zipitage (the picking of other people's zits)?
  23. performed analingus (oral stimulation of the anus)?
  24. engaged in D/S (domination and submission; note for the uninformed: this is not the same as B&D)
  25. practiced "role-playing" for sexual purposes (nurse/patient, teacher/student, border guard/well-endowed coed)?
  26. crossed dressed (dressing in clothing of the opposite sex), other than for a costume party?
  27. crossed dressed for a party or as a joke and discovered you liked it (shouldn't watch Rocky Horror so much)?
  28. been a berdache (a male who assumes the female gender role; regarded in some cultures as a third gender)?
  29. engaged in fetishistic transvestitism (a paraphilia where a male becomes sexually excited by cross-dressing)?
  30. engaged in nonfetishistic transvestitism (a nonparaphillic behavior by a male who cross dresses to relieve the tensions associated with the male gender role)?
  31. practiced necrophilia (sex with the dead [truly deceased. That innocent young virgin you molested doesn't count, no matter how frigid she was])?
  32. practiced zombiphilia (sex with the undead)?
  33. engaged in sexual activity which could have been described with three or more of the above ways (i.e. you tie up your cousin, who happens to be a dead dog of your gender from another planet covered in shit, and set him/her on fire while butt-fucking him/her while you receive an enema: homoincestualklismacopropyronecroxenozoosodomy with bondage.)?
  34. had a leather fetish?
  35. had a rubber fetish (insisting on the use of rubbers doesn't qualify)?
  36. been or hired a dominatrix (by definition, dominatricies are only female)?
  37. performed anal intercourse ("That'd have to be in the butt, Bob")?
  38. caused another person pain for your pleasure (its called sadism)?
  39. had another inflict pain on you for your pleasure (its called masochism)?
  40. tied up a masochist and refused to cause them pain (its called cruel)?
  41. been described as a nymphomaniac or satyriasist (pejorative, moralistic terms to describe "excessive" sexuality, as if there is such a thing)?
  42. become preoccupied with sex (a trancelike engrossment in thoughts of sex, which creates a compulsive search for sexual stimulation...sometimes called 'puberty')?
  43. ritualized your sexual behavior (developing special routines that precede sexual behavior and intensify sexual arousal and excitement)?
  44. engaged in compulsive sexual behavior (unable to control or stop your sexual actions)?
  45. used Schedule I (USC 21, sec 812 ) drugs (synthetic opiates, methamphetamines, marijuana, hallucinogens, LSD) (with over 145 drugs scheduled, we're not listing them all)?
  46. used Schedule II (USC 21, sec 812 ) drugs (opium, coca leave products (Coca Cola doesn't count))?
  47. used Schedule III (USC 21, sec 812 ) drugs ( barbiturates, lysergic acid, amphetamine)?
  48. used Schedule IV (USC 21, sec 812 ) drugs (Barbital, chloral Hydrate, Phenobarbital)?
  49. abused Schedule V (USC 21, sec 812 ) drugs (codeine)?
  50. intentionally urinated on someone (its called 'golden showers', 'water sports', or piss fights)?
  51. intentionally defecated on someone (it's called sick)?
  52. intentionally vomited on another person?
  53. accidentally vomited on another person?
  54. intentionally urinated on yourself?
  55. intentionally defecated on yourself?
  56. accidentally urinated on yourself?
  57. accidentally urinated on someone else?
  58. accidentally defecated on yourself?
  59. accidentally defecated on someone else?
  60. intentionally slammed your fingers in a door?
  61. derived sexual excitement by ants crawling on your testicles or labia (the testicle part is from a medical report: Dewaraja & Money, 1986)?
  62. had a sexual aversion (phobia of a particular sexual activity, or sexual activity in general)?
  63. had gender dysphoria (been dissatisfied with your gender)?
  64. had feelings of koro (a Japanese term referring to the conviction that one's penis is shrinking and going to disappear)?

    [you must start at the beginning to be scored]

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