XI. The Meaning Of Life

(Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll - 155 Questions)

Have you:

  1. considered the song "I want to hold your hand" suggestive?
  2. considered 'why don't we do it in the road' a reasonable question?
  3. Do you know (no guessing) who followed Hendrix at Woodstock?
  4. been intoxicated from alcohol?
  5. been intoxicated from some other drug?
  6. been intoxicated from a controlled or illicit drug?
  7. been intoxicated with fear?
  8. introduced someone to 'drugs' in general?
  9. introduced someone to a new (to them) drug?
  10. used over the counter drugs for purposes of getting intoxicated?
  11. taken any drug that you weren't sure what it was, just to find out what it does (foolish you)?
  12. used prescription drugs that you didn't 'need' or have the prescription for ('abused' a controlled substance)?
  13. bought a controlled or illicit drug?
  14. sold a controlled or illicit drug?
  15. bought a controlled or illicit drug, wholesale?
  16. sold a controlled or illicit drug, wholesale?
  17. sold as a controlled or illicit drug a non-drug item (burned somebody)?
  18. bought what you thought was a controlled or illicit drug, but "found out" it wasn't?
  19. bought a controlled or illicit drug in bulk for personal use?
  20. frequently bought controlled or illicit drugs in bulk for personal use (like weekly or there about)?
  21. had a standing order with your supplier?
  22. taken a non-prescription opiate (heroin, morphine, or opium) more than 4 times?
  23. ingested cocaine (Bolivian marching powder)?
  24. more than once?
  25. more than four times?
  26. smoked crack?
  27. more than once?
  28. more than four times?
  29. freebased?
  30. chugged?
  31. sniffed glue?
  32. smoked the killer weed (tobacco)?
  33. more than once?
  34. on a regular basis?
  35. chain smoked?
  36. smoked the killer weed (marijuana)?
  37. more than once?
  38. more than four times?
  39. smoked the killer weed (oregano)?
  40. smoked the killer weed (parsley)?
  41. smoked banana peels?
  42. smoked toad skins?
  43. smoked clove cigarettes?
  44. smoked nutmeg?
  45. smoked bellybutton lint?
  46. chewed tobacco, or snuff?
  47. gargled with hard liquor (No more mediciny breath!)?
  48. had alcohol for breakfast?
  49. drank Coke & nutmeg?
  50. drank Coke & aspirin?
  51. made Alice B. Toklas Cookies (marijuana or hash brownies)?
  52. eaten Alice B. Toklas Cookies?
  53. eaten what you thought were "normal brownies" (but they had hash in them)?
  54. inhaled nitrous oxide (laughing gas) recreationally?
  55. injected any non-prescription drug into yourself?
  56. more than once?
  57. more than four times?
  58. injected more than one non-prescription drug simultaneously into yourself?
  59. more than once?
  60. more than four times?
  61. injected any non-prescription drug into someone else?
  62. more than once?
  63. injected more than one non-prescription drug simultaneously into someone else?
  64. more than once?
  65. played a drinking game (involving alcohol, not 'who can drink the most water without peeing)?
  66. played a drinking game that actually involved skill (if you answer 'yes,' you're probably lying or drunk)?
  67. won a drinking game?
  68. played a game where it was unknown who would be getting drugs (who's got the pill, etc.)?
  69. spiked punch with alcohol?
  70. spiked punch with other drugs?
  71. given someone a drink that they didn't know was spiked?
  72. taken any synthetic hallucinogen (MDA, STP, Deep Purple, or Sandoz)?
  73. Did you understand the examples in the last question?
  74. invented a synthetic hallucinogen?
  75. ingested any 'natural' hallucinogen (peyote, mescaline, 'shrooms, ergot)?
  76. more than once?
  77. more than four times?
  78. dropped (or whatever your preferred ingestion method happens to be) acid?
  79. tripped for more than a week?
  80. tripped for one full year?
  81. had a bad trip (a shitty vacation doesn't cut it)?
  82. had a flashback?
  83. gotten a bad batch?
  84. taken hallucinogens for enlightenment, or other philosophical reason?
  85. tried to force yourself into a bad trip because true fear excites you?
  86. taken PCP or other veterinary drug?
  87. more than once?
  88. more than four times?
  89. taken any 'designer' drugs?
  90. taken ecstasy ("X", "e", MDMA)?
  91. more than once?
  92. done speed or methamphetamine?
  93. more than once?
  94. more than four times?
  95. done ice (purified meth)?
  96. more than once?
  97. more than four times?
  98. made or synthesized your own drugs?
  99. made or synthesized drugs, 'commercially' (been the lab)?
  100. grown your own?
  101. bred your own?
  102. bought 'moonshine' (any alcoholic beverage made outside the Federal limit of 200 gallons annually for personal consumption)?
  103. been to a rock or heavy metal concert?
  104. been to a Frank Zappa rock concert?
  105. been to a Grateful Dead concert?
  106. been to a Barry Manilow concert?
  107. listened to acid rock?
  108. been to a blues club?
  109. Were you at [the original] Woodstock?
  110. Were you at Woodstock '94?
  111. been a groupie?
  112. been a roadie?
  113. thought about starting a band to meet groupies?
  114. thought about starting a band to get good dope?
  115. actually started a band to get groupies or dope?
  116. told someone you were with the band?
  117. Did it work?
  118. sung dirty songs, the kind with no subtlety in the lyrics (e.g. I wanna fuck you like an animal)?
  119. sung bawdy songs (e.g. Polka Dot Undies, Do Your Ears Hang Low, The Bottle Song)?
  120. composed bawdy lyrics?
  121. brewed your own?
  122. had sex while drunk or stoned?
  123. had sex while on acid?
  124. bungee-jumped on acid?
  125. had sex while on any illicit drug (sorry, Advil doesn't cut it)?
  126. used the USC Scheduled Drug List as a checklist of what to try?
  127. used the USC Scheduled Drug List as a checklist of what to try while having sex?
  128. done them all (just waiting for the new list)?
  129. used any drug when you were too wasted to know if it had any effect (e.g. smoked pot while blitzed)?
  130. used a second drug to cancel out the effects of a first (using downers after uppers, etc. [note: it doesn't work])?
  131. taken mood altering drugs without prescription (Valium or Quaalude)?
  132. been on Prozac?
  133. been on Prozac by prescription?
  134. been on Ritilin?
  135. been on Ritilin by prescription?
  136. tried a drug because it had a neat name, like Zantac or Xanax?
  137. been told you had sex the night before and you can't recall a thing?
  138. awoken the next morning wondering where you were?
  139. awoken the next morning wondering if you had a good time?
  140. awoken the next morning wondering where you were, and who's that next to you?
  141. awoken the next morning wondering who you were?
  142. felt like the Three Bears (who's been sleeping in my bed)?
  143. felt like Papa Bear (you're just big and hairy)?
  144. felt like Baby Bear (who's that sleeping in my bed)?
  145. ever thrown up from too much alcohol [a.k.a. puked, spewed, barfed, retched, driven the porcelain bus, blown chips, tossed your cookies, the Technicolor yawn, prayed to the porcelain god, called for the car (There's Ralph's Buick), talked to Ralph on the big, white phone, etc.]?
  146. ever had blackouts (periods where you don't remember what happened)?
  147. been hung over?
  148. had a hangover last more than one day?
  149. taken the hair of the dog that bit you (drinking to cure hangover)?
  150. been to an AA meeting, or the like?
  151. been to a drug-rehab meeting?
  152. been to a GLBA (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Alliance) meeting or the like?
  153. listened to techno (REAL techno, not "bass re-mixes" of crappy songs)?
  154. been to a rave?
  155. been to a rave that lasted more than 24 hours?

    [you must start at the beginning to be scored]

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