XIX. Eyes on Your Own Papers, Please

(Testing - 20 Questions)

Have you:

  1. had an unauthorized crib sheet for a test?
  2. flunked an IQ test?
  3. had to study for a blood test?
  4. lied on a Purity Test to improve you score?
  5. lied about your score in order to impress someone?
  6. done something with the intent to 'improve' your Purity Test scores or used a Test for inspiration (using the Purity Test as a check-list)?
  7. been jealous of, impressed by, or frightened by someone else's test scores?
  8. made fun of someone's score to their face?
  9. read a Purity Test aloud, without omitting sections or being embarrassed?
  10. taken a group Purity Test?
  11. taken any form of a Purity Test more than five times?
  12. taken any of the post-millennial (that's over 1000 questions) forms of the Purity Test more than 69 times (get a LIFE)?
  13. taken every form of the Purity Test ever written?
  14. administered a group Purity Test?
  15. participated in a Purity Test with ulterior motives?
  16. remembered something by taking a Purity Test?
  17. forgotten something by taking a Purity Test (maybe you shouldn't get THAT drunk while taking it)?
  18. written or re-written a Purity Test?
  19. If you've done something not mentioned on this test, say it aloud and let the group decide if you should get a point for it (maximum one point per person).
  20. If you weren't offended, bothered or disturbed by ANYTHING on this test, give yourself a point.

    [you must start at the beginning to be scored]

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