XVIII. Let There Be Lips!

(The Rocky Horror Picture Show [RHPS] - 46 Questions)

Have you:

  1. seen RHPS (video or wherever)?
  2. seen RHPS in the theater?
  3. seen RHPS more than 69 times in the theater?
  4. more than 100 times?
  5. more than 500 times?
  6. more than 1000 times?
  7. more than 1500 times?
  8. Are you Sal Piro?
  9. joined the national RHPS fan club?
  10. bought the RHPS soundtrack?
  11. bought the RHPS soundtrack on the original vinyl?
  12. bought a copy of the video (videocassette)?
  13. bought a copy of the video (reel-to-reel)?
  14. bought a theater for the sole purpose of showing RHPS?
  15. seen RHPS with a live cast?
  16. seen RHPS while drunk or stoned?
  17. seen RHPS while on acid?
  18. seen RHPS while on any other drug?
  19. seen The Rocky Horror Show (the musical play)?
  20. dressed in costume for an RHPS?
  21. Do you know the entire movie by heart (lyrics and dialogue, without any soundtracks playing. Basically, could you recite the movie right now for us?)?
  22. done the Time Warp in the nude?
  23. done the Time Warp in the nude in mixed company?
  24. participated in an RHPS production?
  25. participated in an RHPS as a character of the opposite sex?
  26. participated in an RHPS as more than one character in one show?
  27. while you were participating, had "prop failure" (costume falling off revealing more than intended)?
  28. caused someone else to have prop failure?
  29. participated in an RHPS production while stoned or drunk?
  30. participated in an RHPS production while on acid?
  31. participated in an RHPS production while on any other drug?
  32. during an RHPS, necked/petted?
  33. during an RHPS, had oral sex?
  34. during an RHPS, fucked (FUCK the back row!)?
  35. been kicked out of an RHPS?
  36. been a member of an RHPS cast?

    Have you performed, for an entire show, the part of:

  37. Frank-N-Furter (a scientist)?
  38. Janet Weiss (a heroine)?
  39. Brad Majors (a hero)
  40. Riff Raff (a handyman)?
  41. Magenta (a domestic)?
  42. Columbia (a groupie)?
  43. Dr. Everett V. Scott (a rival scientist)?
  44. Rocky Horror (a creation)?
  45. Eddie (ex delivery boy)?
  46. The Criminologist (an expert)?
  47. A transylvanian (a transylvanian)?

    [you must start at the beginning to be scored]

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